Sunday, September 30, 2012

Christopher Columbus Boston Monument

Christopher Columbus

Waterfront / Christopher Columbus Park Andrew J. Mazzola, Sculptor Carrara Marble

This Boston monument is located in one of the most beautiful and historic parks within Boston.
The historic docks constructed and used for the Mercan- tile trade between Boston, Europe and the Caribbean during the 1600’s,1700’s and 1800’s border this park.
The Boston Parks Department Summer Concert Series and the Holiday lighting of the blue lit Arbor Ceremony all happen here, right before Christopher Columbus.
The Christopher Columbus Park was constructed in 1974, thanks to the efforts of a non-profit group formed by residents and businesses in the North End and Waterfront areas. This tribute to the park’s namesake explorer was added a few years later. In their proximity to the North End, the statue and park emphasize Colum- bus’s Italian heritage. The statue created by Andrew J. Mazzola of Norwood Monumental Works is carved from Italian Carrara mar- ble, favored by sculptors for its quality and its translucence. The marble’s porous surface has also been susceptible to vandals, some of whom view Columbus as an oppressor, not a hero. -- Courtesy of Boston Art Commission.
The voyages of Columbus molded the future of European colonization and encouraged European exploration of foreign lands for centuries to come.
Columbus’ initial 1492 voyage came at a critical time of emerging modern western imperialism and economic competition between developing kingdoms seeking wealth from the establishment of trade routes and colonies. In this sociopolitical climate, Columbus’s far-fetched scheme won the atten- tion of Isabelle of Castle. Severely underestimating the circumference of the Earth, he estimated that a westward route from Iberia to the Indies would be shorter than the overland trade route through Arabia. If true, this would allow Spain entry into the lucrative spice trade heretofore commanded by the Arabs and Italians. Following his plotted course, he instead landed within the Bahamas at a locale he named San Salvador. Mistaking the lands he encountered for Asia, he
referred to the inhabitants as (“indios,” Spanish for “Indians”).

Saturday, September 29, 2012

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