Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Armenian Heritage Park Boston, MA; 100 year Anniversary; Boston Bronze and Stone Speak To Us

The park celebrates the immigrant experience to American life and culture, and the abstact sculpture, dodecahedron, is dedicated the lives lost during the Armenian Genocide 1915-1923 and all genocides that have followed.

The Armenian Heritage Park is a monument having dynamic educational interaction between the people who visit it learning about the genocide of the Armenian people and their Armenian journey to America.
The Annual Reconfiguration of the abstract sculpture: the end of March of each calender year.

The Abstract Black Metal Sculpture, a split dodecahedron, at Armenian Heritage Park on the Green way is reconfigured in celebration of the immigrant experience. The annual reconfiguration commemorates all who were pulled away from their country of origin and came to these Massachusetts shores reconfiguring their lives in new and different ways, contributing to the richness of the American life and culture.

The Labyrinth symbolizes the career avenues the Armenian immigrants have taken to recreate their lives within the Boston area. Art, Sciences, Commerce and Education are the pathways of these tormented peoples in their own homeland in 1925.

The fountain in its center, symbolizes hope for the future ceasing of the genocide of Armenian people and any and all future people of this earth.

"Boston Bronze and Stone Speak To Us" can be purchased at the following locations: Old North Church Gift Store, Bestsellers Bookstore Cafe, USS Constitution Museum Gift Sore, Museum Of Science Gift Store,, Barnes & Noble Book Stores.