Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Boston Bronze and Stone Speak To Us"would like to share a most wonderful Letter and Request About John F Parimino.

Just a few of John F Parimino sculptural works in Boston MA.
John F Paramino was Boston Mayor Michael James Curly's favorite sculptor for Boston, MA during the early twentieth century.
Joe Gallo Author

Commodore John Barry by John F Parimino

Declaration of Independence by John F Parimino

Marque de Lafayette by John F Parimino

Nike WWII Peace Monument John F Parimino
'Hello Mr Gallo,

My mother came out from Seattle to visit Lexington/Concord/Arlington/Boston (all the family history) and thanks to you, we were able to see a number of my grandmother's brother's pieces.

When I took her to see Paramino's sculpture of Nike (Back Bay Fens, WWII veteran's memorial), there was a crew there fixing some 70 years of wear and tear; the man in charge explained to me that the city (the mayor, i think) is re-dedicating the entire memorial.

Since my father's death a few years ago, I am the only person in New England left related to John Francis Paramino ... but his two nieces are still alive and still travel very much.

I will attend the re-dedication of course, but as with Lexington/Arlington/Concord, I would like my great aunts to be invited to be part of the ceremony.

I'd have to email the Mayor's office, I believe, to notify them but I'm afraid they will not understand my intentions here; I am poor and unknown and not looking for connections, but preserving the family history is something I've dedicated ... well, you know how much it takes to preserve history; it's a different kind of investment. 

Thanks for any advice and such.   I gotta email Sam (Bela Pratt's grand-daughter) who is a very wonderful lady and one of the few friends I have and see what she thinks too.   You two seem to know exactly what I'm thinking irregardless of the words I'm saying.

Thank you very kindly and sincerely,
Jonathan Parker Cutter'

I wrote a letter to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to include this family at the rededication of the WWII monument  designed by John F Parimino family member.

'huh, that was a lot easier than I thought.  Thank you very kindly, for a couple things actually; the book is beautiful of course but it is also incredibly useful.  Half the places we went last week I had learned about from Bronze and Stone.   To us, it's more like a reference guide to family history.  After Lexington/Concord/Arlington, I didn't know where to take my mom for her vacation; those celebrations basically occur over 3-4 days.  So we went to Cambridge for the WWII, then little Italy for the equestrian statue ... she was wondering who Cyrus Dallin was and why the Jefferson Cutter House was better known as the Cyrus Dallin Museum.  We missed the Appeal to the Great Spirit though, but that was more my fault.  Last time they visited, when dad was alive, it was the same with the State House.  "The Gallo says there should be a bas-relief on the staircase somewhere...ah, right there!"  And etc.'

Thank you very sincerely,
Jonathan Parker Cutter

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