Thursday, November 13, 2014

University of Mass at Boston Campus Talk: Leadership and Heros

Thank you Jerrilyn Quinlan at the OLLI Fall Semester Talk Program for Continuing Learning at the University of Mass Boston Campus for inviting me to give a talk about "Boston Bronze and Stone Speak To Us"with respect to leadership and our heroes.

Dozens of books were sold and many accolades were bestowed upon my lecture and content of my book.

This talk will conclude my 2014 lecture series of my book an its significance with respect to our future leaders both here in Boston and America.

I am looking forward to more talks this coming Spring 2015.

Boston is America, America is Boston

Monday, November 10, 2014

In Honor of our War Veterans Thank you

Honor of All Veterans
Inside Beacon Hill State House Emilius R. Ciampa, Sculptor Bronze Plaque

In honor off all veterans who served in the Armed Services of the United States in the first world war to preserve democracy and freedom. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts erects this tribute and records the peoples prayer for lasting liberty and peace.
Taken from the Bronze

Just one of many War Memorials within our Beacon Hill State House.

Joe Gallo will be presenting a talk on "Boston Bronze and Stone Speak To Us" on Thursday November 13, 2014 at the University of Mass Boston Campus beginning at 11:40 am to 1:00 pm in the McCormick Building , Rynn Lounge

Boston is America, America is Boston

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I dedicate this blog to the passing of our Mayor Thomas Menino of the City of Boston as I have dedicated my book when he was living.

Mayor Thomas Menino has been the longest serving Boston Mayor, the "urban mechanic". The Wall Street Journal yesterday praised Mayor Menino and his intense "Menino Schedule" that he followed in serving his 20 year term in office.

Thomas Menino ranks with the many great former City of Boston mayors such as, Mayor Kevin H. White, Mayor Raymond Flynn, Mayor James Michael Curley, John Quincy our second mayor as well as others.

Without a doubt Boston will remember Thomas Menino with a sensitive down to earth monument in bronze or stone immortizing him for all that he has accomplished for the people and City of Boston. Mayor Menino's leadership is why Boston and its artists will remember him with a monument.

Mayor Menino shall stand tall amongst his peers immortalized in Boston bronze and stone soon.

Thank you Mayor for all your dedicated years of service.

Boston is America, America is Boston

Mayors James Michael Curly, John Quincy and Kevin H. White