Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Who Is Using My Boston Monument Guide Book? Jan O'Hara That Is Who.

The Fens where these below Monuments are located
Dear Mr. Gallo,

            " Yours is a wonderful book!  I love how it is organized.  I plan to visit as many of these statues and memorials as I can with your book in hand! (I have often wondered about those personages in the Public Gardens.)  The history is absorbing; the photos are beautiful!  I love this book!"

                                                                            Many thanks,

                                                                                  Jan O'Hara

John Boyle O'Reily by Daniel Chester French

Erin with Sons Courage & Poetry

Roberto Clement by Anthony Forgone

John Endecott byC.P. Jennewien

WWII Memorial By John F. Parimino
Boston Monument Guide Book, "Boston Bronze and Stone Speak to Us" can be purchased on Amazon.com and "I Am Books" Northend Boston, MA

Boston is America, America is Boston!

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